Winter Olympics and India

Update Shiva Keshavan final luge run


But you can see the action Live on OlympicChannel and Olympic YouTube channel

We have 2 athletes representing India at Winter Olympics in PyeongChang 2018. 


Shiva Keshavan

Age 36

He will be competing in Luge, in Men’s Singles. It will be on February 10

This is the sixth time he will be competing in Winter Olympics. This apparently will also be his last. 

Update : He finished 34 out of 40


Jagdish Singh

Age 26

He will be competing in Cross Country Skiing in Men’s 15 Km Freestyle. It will be on February 16.

This is his first Winter Olympics  

Update : He finished 103 out of 116 athletes

Elon Musk does it again

This video was shown 3 years back, even I was sceptical that this would ever become a reality.

Building such a big rocket with 3 rocket recovery seemed really far fetched.

Go to 21:00 minutes mark to see the launch.

They proved everyone wrong by doing just that in 3 years. All the accolades go to this amazing human and his vision. 

Can’t wait to see what he dreams up next.

Jobs in year 2030

AKQA london — together with senan lee and pansy aung from salt and pepper creative studio — bring jobs of the future to life in a series of conceptual images for MiSK global foundation, a platform set up to educate youth. as the world economic forum recently predicted that 65% of children in school today will have jobs that don’t currently exist, the creative team decided to fantasize about what we’re going to do in the not so distant future. 


These are some predictions for jobs available in year 2030. Technology is changing so fast that most of our current jobs will be automated, so some really interesting predictions. Our education system being so far behind, it will be even harder to prepare for it. I think the transition will be painful and we definitely need to look into universal basic income before that.