Jobs in year 2030

AKQA london — together with senan lee and pansy aung from salt and pepper creative studio — bring jobs of the future to life in a series of conceptual images for MiSK global foundation, a platform set up to educate youth. as the world economic forum recently predicted that 65% of children in school today will have jobs that don’t currently exist, the creative team decided to fantasize about what we’re going to do in the not so distant future. 


These are some predictions for jobs available in year 2030. Technology is changing so fast that most of our current jobs will be automated, so some really interesting predictions. Our education system being so far behind, it will be even harder to prepare for it. I think the transition will be painful and we definitely need to look into universal basic income before that.


iPad photo and videos missing fix

I use an iPad Pro and recently used airdrop to send 40 videos to my iPad from my iPhone.

Once the airdrop was complete I checked the photos app and there were no videos in it

I checked the storage usage in the settings and it showed there were videos in the photos app.

So I tried all kinds of tips mentioned online.

The one that worked for me was to reset all the settings in the settings app. Not content reset

The iPad restarted and I had to give the wifi and iCloud passwords and after restarting the photo app correctly showed all the videos. 

I think it's some kind bug in photos app, when you send a lot of photos or videos through a computer or airdrop, hopefully they will fix it soon. 

Airtel 4G sim swap fixed

You can switch from 3G to 4G sim on Airtel You need to get a special 4G sim then

Send SMS to

121 SIM (you new sim number here)

which is a 20 digit number

If it's successful you will get a SMS like this

Dear Customer, we have received your request for SIM change on airtel mobile. Please do not proceed if you DON'T HAVE A NEW AIRTEL SIM with you. For your account security and to avoid any banking or financial fraud, SMS services will not work on your mobile for next 24 hrs. To confirm for SIM change, reply with 1.

Now reply with 1

You will get a SMS like this now just put the new sim in and wait for it to get activated

Thank you! New SIM will be activated shortly for your Airtel Mobile. Your old SIM will work till the new SIM gets activated. For security reasons, SMS service will remain blocked for next 24hrs.

Sometimes you might get an error like this

Wrong HLR GOLD SIM, Please try again with Correct HLR sim number.

This is because you either did an MNP mobile number portability to Airtel or in my case changed automatically to Airtel because Aircel stopped service in my area.

In this case to switch to Airtel 4G you need another sim. Check on the sim pack see it says H 1 or H 2 sim.

If it's H 1 get the H 2 sim and follow the above mentioned procedure and it should work

Now enjoy Airtel 4G speeds and new sim on the same number

What's available on Hotstar premium

You get quite lots of interesting shows for ₹199 a month. Here are few of my suggestions 

Modern Family - Its a comedy with some interesting characters and their family relationships.

All 8 seasons, 190 episodes

Veep - Comedy about American Vice Presidents office. Some of it feels like documentary now.

All 5 seasons, 48 episodes 

Better off Ted - Comedy about a mega corporation and its employees. Some of it feels painfully real to smile at

All 2 seasons, 26 episodes 

Futurama - A cartoon about a pizza guy called fry in year 3000. Interesting and funny look at our future

All 10 seasons, 140 episodes 

Arrested Development - Comedy about a dysfunctional family 

All 4 seasons, 68 episodes 

Malcom in the Middle - Comedy about Malcom and his family 

All 7 seasons, 151 episodes 

My name is Earl - Comedy about Earl and his brother 

All 4 seasons, 96 episodes 

The Grinder - Comedy about a Tv lawyer who thinks he is a real lawyer 

All 1 season, 22 episodes 

Silicon Valley - Comedy about Silicon Valley and its startups 

All 3 seasons, 28 episodes 

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver- Weekly comedy news or should I say real news

Only season 4 has 3 episodes more updated as they are aired

 Band of Brothers - Miniseries about Easy Company in World War II

1 season, 10 episodes

Homeland - About a CIA officer 

6 seasons, 67 episodes 

Westworld - Show about western futuristic amusement park dealing with AI and sins

1 season, 10 episodes 

As you can see there is quite a lot of content. And some good movies too

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Thank You For Smoking, Dredd, The Jungle Book, The Grand Budapest Hotel, 27 Dresses, The Good Dinosaur, The Fault In Our Stars, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Avatar, Dawn of the Planet of Apes, Martian, Office Space, Ruby Sparks

There are many more interesting movies. I haven't even mentioned sports. You can see highlights and live games from start sports channels. Not bad for a months subscription at least, so go here