What is the life time of a mobile in reality

Many analysts and marketing guys have different view but how many days does the mobile last in real world. From what i have looked in person, i managed to keep the phone for 2 years but that's not because of choice, because i couldn't afford the new one i want. Many people i have seen are changing their phones in six months time. So as far i can think six months is the maximum i have seen people keep a cell phone. And the biggest reason for people to change the camera is, new features it could be either a better color screen or even better camera etc. Its always wanting phone to do more things. The biggest push now seems for the music player. So people, do want many features in their phones and they are willing to change their phone quite often. There are cases where people keep it for more than six months that usual because they are bond by the contract or they have paid too much like a PDA or a phone that's cost more than the average one around.

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