Some interesting Links

For all those software that you want to put on your portable drive or thumb drive. Go here to get them. So interesting stuff check out Rk launcher which can launch applications of your thumbdrive.

Another speed reader site. Copy any text to this site and start reading the copied content fast.

Put your birthday and get all kind of interesting facts about your birthday. Like what day was it which other celebrity has your birthday etc.

Are you interested in learning foreign languages then here is the site for you

Are you into and cannot get enough of it then go here and get on your mobile

Want to put digg like this on your site go here


Get a signature like this here

Download Gta 2 for free. If you have not played this game go and play it now. It really fun

Free java mobile games for T610 and T630 go here and here

Want to know what songs are people listen too while on gmail go here

If you want to send all these links to some other friend or when you go to any site you want to send that site to your friend just add this link to your favorites and when you want to send the page just click gmail this then a page opens were you give username and password then you login. Once you do that there is message composed and ready all you need to do is just choose whom you want to send and send the message with the link so the site already in the mail.