You will use 104 mobile phone before you die.


How do I know this. Here is the simple calculation it could go few here on there.

average lifetime of a mobile : 6months

average human life time : 70 years

age to get your first mobile : 18 yrs

Thats 52 years of mobile using age so   52 X 2 = 104 mobile.

Now calculate that comes up to 104 mobile in your life time no wonder then mobile companies are coming up with new models everyday. So many new models that unless you are in some kind of contract you change you mobile in six months. I have kept mine for over a years now but not because i don't want a new one but because i cannot afford a new one. So even if you change half as less and live half the time you will still be using around 50 mobile. So go figure, So its okay drop your old phone and get a new one. you will in six months so why wait.