Don’t miss Jon Stewart on CNN

Daily Show with Jon Stewart Yes I know we in India don't have comedy central to watch the funny Jon Stewart news show called Daily Show with Jon Stewart. But if you are lucky enough you can catch his show everyweek on CNN in India. Here is why I said lucky because if CNN doesn't have some live event at that time. Last two shows were cut because there were live events.

I like this guys so much that I hated when live events were there and I wished for world peace for a few hours atleast so that i can watch this show without a live event interrupting it.

I  enjoyed it so much that i even sent resumes to Indian news channels saying that i will do that kind of show for them if they hire me. I think my funny bone was over reacting.

So here are the timings don't miss them on Saturdays at 9:00 PM and on Sundays at 8:30 PM. They also keep changing the time slots so check the paper just in case and no matter what just see the show once and i know you will be hooked.

you can also watch clips of his show online at Daily Show With Jon Stewart