Here is secret firefox tip to search faster

Here is secret firefox tip using keywords to search faster

When you go to Google or any other site that have a search facility on their site you can right click your mouse in the search box and you will get a drop down menu like the one in the above seen picture. Then click on the "add keywords for this search" on the list. Then when a window pops up give the keyword of your choice. I am giving the alphabet "g" as keyword and click ok.

From now on when you want to search through that particular search facility just type the keyword and the search phrase in the address bar and you will be taken to the search result.

Here is how you search : "g prasanth"

It will speed up your searching facility. You can add this facility to any search box.

For example: g for, m for, y for, imdb for remember you need to add these keywords first to make this work.

I found about this trick on podcast called "floss weekly" which can be found at