Here’s why Sony PS3 will get free online gaming

The Sony ps3 when it comes out if ever it comes out, rumors are that it will offer free online playing capability, just like xbox live which is a paid service. The reason why they are doing this according to me calculations is because of the Folding@Home project, which if you don't know is a project similar to seti's distributed computing. Where your computers idle time will be used to do the number crunching for DNA sequences to make new medicine or just run similations, anywhere big super computers are needed. This is a smart way to use gaming consoles which are as powerful or more powerful than computers, to do distributed computing. Imagine if sony playstation 2 had this capability. More than 100 Million PS2's have been Sold. Now add all the CPU power of the CPU together, just half of them, 50 million will get you more the fastest super computer ever built. So are they planning to do a PS3 super computer. They could sell this to customers of super computers and make even more money. You in return will get free online play. If you ask me that is very nice way to solve a big problem of subscriptions. I could be totally wrong. but if they are smart they could use this to their advantage.