How did Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyadu get past censor

Kamal hero of the movieThe movie is bad first let me tell you that. I know directors are trying to do new things and new camera angles etc. What's with the 360 degree turns. The screen turns whole 360 degrees. Don't do stuff just for the sake of it. Now the censor part. How did this make past the censors. They are well known for their hard line but how did they make past that. If this is the direction Indian movie are going it will be bad and bloody road.


Gautam the director of the movieThis movie promised so much in the starting sequence but it soon becomes like a gorefest. They director gautam is trying to come up with new ways to display gore etc. Once in the movie he tries to justify the killings of the serial killers. What with that, there are quite a few ladies killed in the movie. They show a pit fully of four bodies, he show how every each one of them is killed. I mean seriously do we need to see all the the killings to get the idea of how they did it. He show all the ladies being killed and raped. This guy has some serious issue may be he should see someone before making his next movie. Please don't watch this movie if you want to be sane. Kamal you disappointed me, you are such a big actor you should have some creative control, and you let this guy do this to the movie.  they even have a website