I just want to watch live football, please let me watch it

The main reason I bought dish TV was to watch live football. both the champions leagues and Spanish football. Our cable guy doesn't provide espn and star sports so i bought the dish TV. But guess what espn and start have lost the rights of champions league to ten sports and that's not a sad thing for the viewers. but the problem is they only have one channels so they have to pick which games out of the four they have to show. And they always pick the matches that feature English premiership teams, that fine, but English team suck in champions leagues. So you get to watch the bad draws or 1 goal wins and not the super games that the Spanish or the German teams are playing.

So please let me see football, i thought after buying dishtv i could get all i want before i was under the control of the cable guy and now i am under the control of the channels.