Iphone features Steve didn’t want you to know in advance

The Iphone has a very good finish similar to the ipods and will be in available in two colors made famous by ipods, white and black. It has the biggest screen seen on any mobiles so far.

The screen is OLED screen that can also recharge with sunlight. The screen will be touch sensitive and motion sensitive. For motion sensitivity the phone has gyroscopes inside so that it can detect motion of the mobile in your hand. This is used for games and some other interesting features. For example you can view a maps by just tilting your mobile rather than scrolling. The keypad is back lit and also have a very interesting design for in cooperating the QWERTY keypad, it also come with a add on that projects full keyboard on a flat surface for virtual keyboard facility.

The iphone has 8 mega pixel camera with auto focus and image stabilizer and many more features like the face beautification technology where the camera recognizes the faces of people and add some touch ups to make them look good. The phone has a 16 GB flash drive for all its memory needs and most of which will be available for storage.

It can be swapped in future with a bigger flash drive, which the company will offer. It has a music player similar to itunes and a photo managing system similar to iphotos. The music player will be similar to itunes and has a full screen option. The phone could be connected easy to most entertainment systems due to the standard output ports. So you will be able to watch your photos and movies on your big screen and you will also be able to listen to your music from your phone on your high-end speaker system.

The gaming feature has all the games done in 3d, since the processor is so powerful it will be able to cope with the 3d games even while the music from the itunes is being played in the background. These games will also heavily use the gyroscope features of the phone for motion sensitivity. And many big gaming companies like EA, Microsoft, and Nintendo are developing games for this phone. Since it has all kind of networking features you can play games with your friends who are beside you or across the country from you.

Another nice feature about the games is that they use the GPS feature to provide additional content depending on your location making it much more interesting to play games. Now comes the actual phone feature it has all the regular feature and it has the capacity to switch between voip when the wifi Internet connections are available.

The PIM feature are one of a kind each has a space online where you will be able to sync without a PC and online you have the features so that you can convert any file to the phone specific format without loosing anything. So you will be able to sync your PIM with any other online PIM offering. The phone can sync all the content on to your computer with the program that is provided with the phone, you can also back up the content on to an online storage. You can manage the content on your computer just like you would on the phone so it’s easier to make changes etc.

The phone has a stylus for those who want to get the PDA feel it can also act as a microphone for taking voice memos or giving voice commands and has very good speech recognition software that needs no training.

It has browser similar to your computer browser, which can convert all the sites on the fly to look good on your phone. You can choose to see the actual site or the converted sites. It has all the security features etc so that you can do banking etc. It has you covered all the bases in connectivity, it comes with infrared, blue tooth, wifi, wimax etc.

The phone also supports all programming languages either natively or virtually so you can use java, symbian, palm, and windows mobile programs.

I forget to mention that it has a gps facility too inbuilt in the phone. So you can geo tag all your photos and it has some other program that use gps features to change their programs, for example the currency converter and the translation program which will change to the native language after it gets the locations through gps.

And finally the phone has a battery life of one week of normal use or 2 days of heavy use. And it costs 25000 Rs after taxes. I know all this is pretty far fetched but geeks can dream can’t they. Steve jobs are you listening then get on it. Jonathan Ive I know you can make all this look good.