Itunes here comes Happy Fish not quite there yet

Happy fish podcast and rss aggregator

if you don't know what podcast or rss mean go here. I found a new podcast aggregator similar too Itunes. You have to add the rss individually or you can import them all at once through the ompl import option. You can organize the podcast into groups which you can't do on itunes. But when you check for new podcast you have to do all of them or just one a time, you can't check groups which was a big let down. But the best feature is your can resume broken podcast downloads. Which is really great for bad connections. It also syncs with any USB player. So here is your non ipod syncing podcast aggregator. They need few improvements but still its quite good you can even use it to read rss and also read the full story in the built in browser. So give it a try you will need Microsoft .net 2.0 installed. go here for Happy fish podcast and rss aggregator