Meet these two cool Brit’s

They have lousy football team and even worse cricket and rugby teams. But they have some very cool people. I am a big fan of the show top gear (don't tell you don't know what it is, if not stop reading this and go and type top gear in you tube and watch some clips and then come and read this) on BBC channel . And one of the presenters is Jeremy Clarkson and he write nice article on and this week he is talking about technology and has some very interesting point to make about technology

"This is flatscreen technology with a clutch. It is the sandwich maker you were given for a wedding present and which you've never used. It looks good, and it sounds impressive when you first explain it to mates over the water cooler, but it's rubbish.

Maserati has just figured that out. They know that the idiot-box spoils the Quattroporte, so they're redesigning the car, ditching the transaxle layout so they can get a proper, tried and tested auto in there.

Sony should think about this. To wonder if going backwards is sometimes the way to make progress."

The next guy is Jonathan Ive you ask me who he is, he is the guy who designs ipods and Macs for apple. He is their lead designer and here is an interesting article about him. Here are some interesting titbits from the article

"This is a guy who once insisted that a shipment of fine Italian marble for Apple's first Manhattan retail store be sent to Cupertino, Calif., so he could inspect the veining in the stone."

"According to one story, possibly apocryphal, Jobs once demanded that a designer of a new Mac not allow a single visible screw. When the designer built a prototype that had one screw, tucked out of sight under a handle, Jobs fired him."

No wonder then that they produces such cool products designs. Go here to read the article