Steve no matter what you show you can’t make us happy.

Steve no matter what you show you can't make us happy This is not only about making me happy. It's about many of their customers. There are few who want touch screen ipods. Many who want bigger capacity ipods. Then there are quite as many who want apple iphone. Some even want apple TV's, and a few just want media center PC's. But all of the them just want to be disappointed.

Even after being disappointed so many times we still get our hopes up even though we know that we will be disappointed again this time. Because he can only do so much.


If Steve want to make everyone happy then he should show

Phone+IPod+PDA+Widescreen+Colors+Price+Huge Memory which is not going to happen so get ready for the show time so that you can be disappointed.

There are quite a few types of disappoints too.

1.Those look so cool I will never by them but i am still disappointed that i can't buy them

2.Why am i living in this world i can't afford those things. (this is mine style of disappointment by the way)

3.Shit i just bought something similar now i have to break this to to get that thing disappointment.

Steve you can't make us happy no matter what, so just give up already.