Xbox 360 releasing in India, but for middle class only

This is the part of the interview I found on gamespot and the first question is why release the Xbox in india (there are people who are into games in india too gamespot that's why) they also ask the reason for making xbox as costly as computer is because it a class item and its targeted towards middle class. I am middle class and i can't afford it. so good luck selling that thing in india. Nintendo do you want to sell Wii to middle class in india. i will be the first in line to buy one.

Q: Why release the Xbox 360 in India?
Moore: It's an incredibly fascinating market. India's growing, finally getting a middle class that's of a proportion that you really feel you can grow some business with.

How much does Xbox cost in India?
Moore: Obviously, it's in rupees. It's probably the dollar equivalent of where we are today here. In some instances, we will price down a little bit for the marketplace, but it's a premium product. And as I mentioned earlier, there is a middle class there, and clearly we have to market to them. Not only do you want to market to the consumers that buy the console, we want to market to the consumer that can connect online. And broadband penetration is growing fast there. Plus, the business model is about selling software. The software pricing is where we could look at being a little more market conscious.

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For get this and go for play station 2, i will be putting a review in a few days so watch out. By the way xbox 360 i will be willing to test a demo piece if you give me one.