Bangalore is now Bangaluru

Give me a break. What's with the name change. Seriously how many people call the new names of the cities that were changed. I still call chennai, madras and mumbai, Bombay and kolkatta, Calcutta. So what is the whole point of changing the names. No one other the politicians care for them. It is only going get confusing to the travelers who visit that particular city. The government of that particular state wastes money on all the name changing in all the place its was mentioned earlier, wouldn't that money be better severed to educate people who would call the city Bangaluru. Good luck with the name change. I will still call it Bangalore. I feel sorry for all the kids who have to relearn all the spellings. Even the spell check on my system have to be retrained.

Here is a silly finding when I did the spell check all the cities new names like chennai, mumbai, kolkatta were shown as errors except the Bangaluru, does Microsoft know something we didn't ;-)