Here are some free app’s or freeware I like

PopPeeper: Which is a mail checking program i use it to check 10 yahoo accounts at once. You can select just the header or the whole message. And its quite fast in two two three minutes it gets mail from all the mail id. With out this program i would be spending hours just checking all the mail. It also works with other email services like yahoo, gmail and pop mail etc. Go here to download it.

Space Monger: Which is a program that shows you how the space on your harddisk is being used. It give you a graphic view of all the files on your PC. Which is nice when you want to know what is eating your harddisk space. Or just to keep an eye on your harddisk. Go here to download it.

Media Join: This program i use to join video clips or mp3 etc. You just select the videos and it will join them together which is quite useful don't ask me for what but its useful. Go here to download it.

AutoClip: This is a text replacement program if you are typing the same text everyday or use some text that repeats many times then just copy the text and and hit f12 once the program been installed and assign a key and next time you want to paste that text just his the shortcut key and hit space bar. It has saved quite a lot of time for me. Go here to download it.

Shutter: This program can be used to reboot, hibernate or shutdown your computer with all kind of countdowns you can give a particular time or after a particular process ends and all kind of options and it easy to use and very useful if you leave your PC for stuff to download etc. Go here to download it.