If it takes an ipod to convince you to give to charity may be its not worth it.

First there were the color bracelets now the red products what's next. If you really want to give to charity do it like bill gates does give the money. What's with this buy our product and we will give 10$. By the time that money lumps up and goes to the foundation it will take so much time so why not just go to that charity and donate that money. So stop making products in colors and making people donate. If you need such a big validation for your donation may be your donation is not worth it. Do you want to show all the people around that you do care about people. There is a saying in India that goes like, If someone knows about the help your doing its worth's to nothing.

Instead of that, here is a better suggestion. We have so may crappy days like pirates day etc. So why not make day for donations. All you have to do to take part in this day is to donate something to the needy. Wouldn't that be the better way. Here is the charity doing the red products