My old phone which I will be changing soon.

The T630 comes after a very successful model Sony made which was T610. First let me tell you about the size, it quite small in form factor and fits very well in your hand. It has a very good-looking screen and the keypad is well laid out in the small form factor of the phone they had. This phone has very few buttons on it. Only four buttons are on the phone other than the numeric keypad. One is dedicated to camera, two are for controlling the volume and the other one is the power button. With only a few buttons this phone looks really compact. It has quite good battery life you can go two to three days without charging the phone after normal use. The voice  quality and other phone features are up to the mark. You can only use midi files as ring tones but there are many nice features like photo caller id and setting different ring tones for different users and voice dialing facility etc. This phone has all the features of the phone in this category have. It has a good enough camera for a phone and can connect to a PC through blue tooth, infrared or USB cable (which you have to buy separately). The user interface of the phone is very well designed all the controls and settings are easy to access. The main controller for this phone is a joystick, which makes it easier to move between the menus, and is really fun to use while playing games. Ones you use the phone for a few days you will be able to fly through the menus using the numeric keypad shortcuts. For example if you press “menu+0+6” you will get the calculator which other wise you would have had to click menu and move the joy stick to the particular category and from there select the calculator function. So that is a big plus because the previous model of this phone was adored by the geek's who came up with all kind of software for the phone. So if you are into computer this is really good phone because you can customize it in so many ways you can download themes or make themes yourself with the software you can download online. You can even use this phone to control your computers from far away with blue tooth (that software doesn’t come with phone you have to go Internet and find it and install it). It has gprs and mms and email facilities too which are integrated very well into the phone. The gprs browser is really easy to use. Most of the html site are readable on the phone, the mobile specific site are even easier to use. The sms facility is also very well implemented. Small thing like when you are typing an sms if you get a call the sms is saved in unsent items folder, which is nice. The email facility is also easy to use but it a bit tricky with quite a few setting to setup. I never got it to work but I think I never looked into it that much. The phone doesn’t have audio or video players. But if you are good with computers you can convert songs and put them on the player in a player specific format. Since the memory is only 2 MB you can get one or two songs on the phone if you want. There is no memory slot, which is a let down. The phone has java-programming language built in, so you can have quite a few programs, which can be loaded on to the phone from a pc. The phone doesn’t come with any software for the pc so you need to look on the Internet there are free programs that help you load java programs on to the phone. You can find them quite easily on the net. There are even quite a few free java games, which you can find online which can be loaded on to the phone. This phone is also quite well built and is rugged, even after dropping it quite a few times, one of that drops was into a bucket full of water and ones even while traveling at 60 kph in rain it still works. So after using this phone for many days I think, this is good phone with a nice form factor and lots of features. If you are into customizing you phone and using many programs and changing themes and ring tones you will love this phone. Since the price of this phone has come way down now you have no excuse not to buy this phone.