Thank God terrorist like Cricket.

I was always afraid about this, there aim is not to attack military installation etc. Their main aim is to create panic and what better way to create panic than hit the place we consider our playgrounds. All those football match, cricket matches, rugby matches, tennis matches they are so vulnerable. So many people gathered at a single place, even the security guys are distracted by the game on the field. It would be quite easy to carry an attack. So I was happy to hear that because one of the terrorist liked cricket he refused to plan an attack on the cricket team. Here is the quote from the article on cricinfo.

"According to Hafiz, 32, the bombers were instructed to get jobs as stewards at Edgbaston and spray sarin gas inside the changing rooms. The second Test between England and Australia began on August 4.

Hafiz, whose family have known the Hussains for 25 years, said he had received details of the bombers' visit from members of his extended family, who were involved in running the camp.

He claimed Tanweer, 22, objected to the plot, possibly because he himself was a cricketer. He was told by a witness that Tanweer argued with Khan, 30, and a scuffle between them had to be broken up by a minder. "

So we really have to be mindful no matter where we are. If only we could make the terrorist love people this world would have been a different place.