The Legend speeds away

He came, he saw and he conquered. He broke every record and even made changes to the rules of the sport with his success.

Yesterday's race was the perfect way to end his career not giving up till the last moment and fighting all the way.

When he was first winning with Benton he could have stayed their and had more and more success but he choose to come to a bad team then Ferrari and made them the world beaters again. And now when he is leaving them he has made sure that they are one of the contenders.

He was not everybody's favorite he was a driver in true spirit win at all cost which is the thing that is required in this day and age. if only other sportspersons followed these ideals. It was sad to see him leave the sport.

I am feeling bad after the race and watched my other favorite sport football and Real Madrid made me happy again by beating Barcelona 2-0 they could have had atleast two more goals. Sports has ways to make you happy and sad.

The best and worst of Michael Schumacher