Today is Boss day so Good day boss

Since today is Boss day, I have to send myself a greeting. i am self employed i run an Internet center. So what better way to celebrate than take some time off from work to write this blog. So here are the good and bad thing about being self employed.

Good things

Take breaks when ever you want.
Don't have to report to anybody and
Don't have to worry about getting along with others.
Don't have to worry about somebody watching you, slack of work as much as you want

Bad Things

You are responsible for everything.
You don't just show up and work and get your pay check you have to be involved in everything.
You have to answer to yourself which is hard sometimes than answering to a boss, you can lie to him but in this case you know you are lying.
No financial stability.
Lack of time to do anything else.

Even with all those problem i still love being self employed its all about the freedom.

So good year boss, oh thank you.