Too Much Choice is Not good

hp ipaq 6315 Who says having many choices is good. I am looking into buying a mobile but am so tired of choosing. Everyone of them i select has one thing missing.

I finally settle for one that works as a PDA and has phone capabilities etc   ipaq for 18000 Rs. But its only available online, so i am worried what happens when i have some problem with the unit. I recently bought a playstation 2 from and they sent me a faulty controller and i have been mailing them and so far no response it has been more than 2 weeks or so. So i am afraid of buying this online.

So i settle to buy them in store in person, so i can't have the pda atleast not at the same price. So i go for other phones like nokia n70 for 18000 Rs but when i do some research i found that there are so many n series phone that its hard to choose. For example there is Nokia N 70, 71, 72, 73, and N 80. I like the Nokia  N 80 but its way too pricey around 25000 Rs. so i will have to settle for something like Nokia N70. 

n 70  n 80 m 600 

a 780 Then i found those odd deal on rediff and other sites where i can get a treo 600 for 14000 Rs and another Motorola A780 for 13500 Rs. But both are very old.

 so still undecided i went and looked for sony Eriksson phones. And found  the M600 which is a super phone if only it had a camera. Everything i want it has touch screen and all the stuff but no camera. Why are you doing this to me.

I found a phone that has all the things i want a touch screen a good camera but its from nokia called nokia 6708 for 18000 Rs and they are not known for their touch screens so i am still searching. we let you know which one i will buy.

Who says choice is a good thing. Atleast i am not enjoying this..