transfer the address book from your old phone to new one

Now a days the mobile companies are offering 500 to 1000 contacts capacity on your mobiles address book. But the sim cards on your mobile can only store up to 250 or so then how do you transfer them on to your new mobile. Here are the solutions.

First one is copy them to sim and then put the sim in your new phone and copy all of them on to your new phone. Now see up to where the new phone has the address book then go and delete those file on your old phone and copy the rest. Do this until you have it completely.

The other method is first go to this site and register and give your phone model number and the phone number and they send you the settings for remote sync, now go to your phone and give the username and password and remote sync, most of the new phone and old ones too offer this feature. It takes like five minutes for 500 contacts. Once its done your can see all your contact online at the above mentioned site by giving your password. Now go to the tool section there they have a option if you got a new mobile, add you new mobile phone and sync again. Now you will have your contacts back on your new mobile. You need to have gprs connection for this one to works. It works in India too I have tried it.