Go here for your daily gadget fix

If you are into gadgets you have to go to these places to get your daily gadget fix.

The first three are blogs and the other one is a podcast. You hit them regularly and you will be the coolest guy in your block. But it takes so much time to read all of them that I don't have time to boast about them.

Gizmodo - This is the first one and still a place where you get to read of a lot gadget news everyday.

Engadget - The funniest and the best, if you want tech trade shows go here they have a special coverage they also do apple live event coverage's.

Crave - this is from the cnet guys it only started a few days back but its getting better and better already.

Dailygizwiz - This is a 10 minute podcast from the twit guys. It features Leo and dick who look at one gadget everyday. They mix it up with new and old gadgets they feature a lot of weird gadgets. If you are into gadgets you have to listen to them everyday.

By the time you go to all these places you would have had more than your share of gadgets for the day.  There are plenty of other sites and blogs and podcast but these four can fill you up for your daily quota of gadget news, view and reviews.