If this doesn’t stop celebrities and politicians at the award ceremony, god help us.

What am I talking about. I am talking about the recent events at the ICC cricket champions trophy final where the Australian players pushed the BCCI president aside to take the picture after receiving the cup. There were quite a few replay of this event on news channels. Should we be crucifying the BCCI chief for wanting to take photos with the team that knocked his team out out the championship. If you look the clip that is being replayed on the TV you will see that the whole Aussie team waits for the cup when the cup is not presented to them only then ponting asks for it. After receiving the cup the BCCI chief try to get in between them to take a photo, or acts as if so. I think he didn't know what to do and how to do it. So someone at BCCI should have told him that you give the cup and move away. Not stay in their way. Even if you saw the fifa world cup as soon as the cup is handed to the winning team the official moves quickly away. It happens in all the sports even in formula 1. So are Aussie to be blamed for a ignorant official. In other countries the official comes to thank the players and the crowd for their participation here noting like that, they just wanted to be in the pictures so that they could come in the next days paper.

If you want to crucify someone crucify BCCI chief for going for a photo op with the team that eliminated his team from the championship.