Install firefox for rest of the world and your mom

change icon

We geek's know which browser is the best, its hard to explain that to our aunts, uncles or even our mother. So here is an easy way to make them switch to firefox. They biggest problem with the novice is that they don't want do anything different to change to something new, if it works like before they don't mind a change.

1.So the most obvious change is the icon on the desktop they have to click so what do you do. Change the firefox icon into Internet explorer icon. Just left click on the icon and select properties and from their click change icon. And it show you three different firefox icons rather than choosing them click on the address in the look for icons in the folder and delete the entire address and click okay. Then windows pops that window again but this time it shows the windows standard icons. If you slide the bar to the end you can see the Internet explorer icon, select it and click okay. Now you have something that they usual click. So no need to ask them to click on the firefox icon anymore.

2. Open the browser and go to some sites and remove all the alerts that pop up and from the options menu choose to open a new page in a new window. And disable the pop up blocker alert. Also remove the unnecessary icons from the toolbar and remove the live bookmarks toolbar too. Now it looks like Internet explorer

3.Set the firefox browser as the default browser and remove the automatic updates.

There you have it in three steps you have made their computer 80% safer. Now you can go home and sleep happily knowing that another Internet explorer user has been converted. And you don't have to explain to them anything just tell them to use the Internet as they were using.