The Columnist you should read are

These guys are so good that they make their words speak. But looking at the columnists you will also see how different my interests are.

Geoffrey Boycott is the best cricket analyst around he will tell truth no matter what and his commentary is the best around his righting too is the best, read his columns at Geoffrey Boycott

He is the best car journalist out there period. Read his Columns to find out how good he is Clarkson. Yes he is the same guy on who is on top gear.

He still recently was in the running for united nations secretary general post. He is from India and write columns for an Indian newspaper called the Hindu which come publishes his columns on Sunday special, you can also read the same columns on his site here Shashi tharoor

John C. Dvorak he sees things that no one else see. That makes a lot of people really mad. He has predicted that apple will stop its OS and start using windows lets see if this comes true. read his columns here John C. Dvorak

If there are other i should read let me know.