Dhoom 2 Movie Review


How did this movie earn 140 crores and become the biggest hit of the year is beyond me. After all the hype I decided to watch the movie. After watching it, now I am feeling like why did i watch it in the first place what did i expect differnt from bollywood. I was ready to leave after just an hour into the movie.

Why did it become such a big hit is beyond me. Some of the stunts are so outrageous and unbelievable that they seem funny in the end. Hrithik deflects bullets with a snow board. And escapes from the desert on his snow board (i didn't know desert was a giant slope). He melts a metal plate within seconds to escape through acid from his shoes, do i need to write something funny here or was that funny enough. He leaves spiders in a museum to steal the gold coins. Okay the stunts suck how about the story, don't even get me started about that. A bad guy who leaves initial "A" when ever he steals. The hero finds what his next target is and guess how he finds out, no just guess. He draws an A on the map and see where it ends and bingo he get the location. Not only that after that he uses some math mumbo jumbo and finds even the date too. All this is fine, if he did some research etc. He figures all this out while an lady officer is explaining him the case and it just takes five keyboard taps at his laptop and bingo there is a map with A and all the math etc (Would love to know what software he uses for the five tap solutions). I could do this all day but i am stopping now. Seriously what is Aishwarya doing in this or for that matter Bipasha. If not for the comedy i would have not watched the film till the end.

To see how bad our film standards are just watch Casino Royale and then Watch Dhoom 2. If you are not sick by then leave a comment.

I love my share of entertainment films. But this was so low even for the poor for bollywood standard film.

May the sexy kiss between Hrithik and Aishwarya was the reason for the hit, seriously...