Digit I am sorry I don’t need you anymore

Here is why I have stopped reading digit. It is so out of touch with what is happening. In this world of Internet, blog, podcast and RSS. Who has time to read the news a month later that too technology news. And for the price you pay for a digit (Rs 125) you can get a broadband connection from BSNL and read the same stuff you will get in Digit after a month. I can even tolerate the one-month late thing if there were in the game. Look at their website they have are so out of touch with the Internet. Their site is just a static thing they don’t post anything there, it’s just for getting people to subscribe. Look at PC magazine in US, their site has all the news and info they even have a paper magazine. But there website is even better. There are many sites and magazine that co exists. Look at the this months cover what does Abhishek Bhachan gotta do with a computer magazine. I love Abhi by the way. It's the whole mind set that is wrong. How cool would it have been to see someone in the Indian tech industry that doesn't get the limelight. Remember how Kevin Ross on the Business Weeks cover made such a buzz online.

I think now is the time to let you know that I applied for digit job long time back and I received a call from the editor for the job. He asked me to write three articles, which I have written. You can read on of them here. I was rejected and didn’t get the job. So I waited nearly a month so that I don’t write this in anger that I didn’t get the job.

But by the time I got the call from the editor I had stopped reading digit at least two months already. I was a fan of them when they were called Chip. I was such a big fan of them that I even made fan site for the magazine. But now I have stopped reading there magazine for the last four months now.

Not because of the cost or the lack thickness of the magazine. It was just purely because by the time I got the magazine I would have read and lost the interest in what they were reporting. I know they need to do the magazine a month in advance to get it to the printers. But still they could make their website so much more. They could start blogs and keep readers in the loop of what is happening and what they are planning etc. They have forums on the website but seriously how many people take part in that.

As a fan who loved the magazine from its early days to till recently all I can say is please get in touch with what’s happening around you are be left behind. This goes for the entire magazine world, if you don’t have good online presence your days are numbered.

Don’t forget all the newspapers & magazine that doing great join online and offline. That is the only way to go forward. So get your act together as soon as possible.

Here are some examples: pcmag, wired, newscientistmake