How to fully use last drop of your toner or ink on your printer


When your ink cartridge or the laser printers toner is about to finish.

You know you will not get good quality prints, so you have to change the toner. But before you do that why not get the full benefits of your toner. Why replace thetoner just yet.

Do some printing that is not that important or just for fun.

Here are some of the ways to use the last few drops of toner or ink cartridges.

Print some paper toys, that you can cut an assemble later and put it on your desk. Go here to get some paper toys

Print some puzzles and give it your children etc. Go here for some puzzles they have like 30 puzzles to printOne Billion printable Mazes

Or a few sudoku puzzles for yourself. Printable Sudoku puzzles

This way you can completely use your toner and get some fun stuff to do while you wait for your new toner or ink cartridge.