The Cheapest computer you can buy in India period

intel pc 1Since I have written the title as cheapest pc. First I should tell you the price. Its wait for it 8000 Rs. That’s for everything monitor, CPU, keyboard, mouse, speakers etc.And the next question you will ask is what are the configurations.Intel Celeron Processor – 299 MHzRam – 128 MBHard Disk – 10 GBMonitor – 14 inchesComes with internal modem, three usb ports, headphone jack and an Ethernet pc 2You will have to buy an external cd drive, mouse and keyboard I have included the price of these in the above mentioned price of 8000 Rs. You buy them at the same company pc 3After reading these specification do not think this is an underpowered pc. I use Internet, watch movies through external drive and play games. I can run GTA2 and commandos 2 etc. So it’s quite a good pc, in fact I am writing this blog also from this pc 4intel pc 5All this comes in a very nice package.So lets start the review. I saw this thing first in an ad in the recently stopped reading computer magazine Digit. The price was 6500 Rs. I was a bit skeptical, but decided to buy one. The first thing that knocked me of my feet was that the computer itself is like the colored imac but only available in blue color. It’s all in one pc so no more worrying about two things like CPU and monitor etc. It comes with a 1-year warranty pc 6These pc were meant for some other country I think, so you will get a odd looking keyboard with odd characters which you can use but it will not work well if you are using games etc. The keyboard has no functions keys. So you need to buy a keyboard and mouse. But if you want to use the same keyboard then you can download a software that helps to get the function keys back on their website. And the computer comes with 64 Mb ram which you can upgrade to 128 Mb for just 400 Rs. Which I did and that is the reason for writing 8000 Rs pc. You need to install the operating system yourself. I installed windows xp and everything is working fine.The best part of this pc is its size, since it’s an all in one pc it’s very compact so it will go well in any room. And it’s best for students when you want to move rooms or places you just need to carry one’s very good for single people. If you throw in an external TV card, you have a television and a computer at 10000 Rs.The computer also comes with a phone that sits on top, which can be used like a normal phone. You put the phone jack behind the pc and use it as a modem and pick up the phone and use it as a normal pc 7It also has a microphone on the top, I wish it were a camera. But still if you want to do voice chats etc. you can use that microphone which is built in on top of the monitor.I have been using this computer for a year now without any problems. This computer is the answer for all those who want a cheap and stylish pc at a very small price. Many people have asked me if it’s a mac. I even convinced few of them that it’s a mac by putting mac os themes on the pc.The fan of the pc is on top so you can put it close to the wall without pc 8intel pc 9They have power button on the monitor so you just need to press one button to switch the computer on and off. They have also placed an usb and microphone jack on the side of the pc so it’s easier to plug it in and out.All in all a great pc for cheaper price. If you can find cheaper pc that is brand new them contact me.By the way you can get all the other things like keyboard, mouse, ram upgrade and an external cd drive for inside 8000 Rs at their shop itself. You can even upgrade to higher capacity for a price.You can buy them at bigapple go here for their office address www.bigapple.inTheir main office is in hyderabad, but they have branches in bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata.Bigapple Mfg.,"Bigapple Arcade", 1-8-167 to 179, S.D.Road,Secunderabad - 500003, A.P., INDIAPh: Off: 91 - 40 - 2789 9222 / 3912 3939 Mobile: 91 - 40 - 3094 2288Res: 91 - 40 - 2766 0068 Fax : 91 - 40 - 2789 6969,Email :< > < >http://www.bigapple.inmsn:bigapple@vsnl.comskype: prabhuagarwal