Gprs in India on mobile


First what is gprs. its a protocol for using web on your mobile. If you want use Internet on your mobile you need gprs.

Now to the real stuff. Don't expect gprs to be as fast as your dial up even. Its dog slow since you will be accessing mobile site or site that are converted for mobile format the speed should be okay. Don't expect to watch videos on your mobile At least with the speed in India.

I tested my bsnl gprs connection, it said it was 18kbs. But when I tried to download a 1 MB file it took me over 15 minutes. But if you download operamini browser which is free. Its pretty fast to browse sites.

Now the big let down is the price. Unless you have unlimited package like me don't even try gprs. Because it cost 10 Rs for 1mb. For example last month i used 125mb on my mobile if i didn't have the unlimited account i would have paid 1250 Rs just for gprs. The unlimited account i got is for 200 Rs per month that's a flat rate, no matter what i use.

Now lets see at this price and this speed what you can do. You can check email but you wouldn't want to read all your mail like this. You can read RSS News Feeds, i made a page go check it out if you want to read RSS Feed on your mobile easily. The third thing is watching movie clips from Google or your tube if you are willing to wait 10 to 15 minutes for every 3 minute clip, you can do it more on that in the next post. Main though to check on live sports scores and read some movie reviews as your are watching the movie etc. You can also use it to send photos you take to your friends via email from your mobile.

You can also use GPRS to connect to net from your laptop by using your mobile as a modem. But i have not had much luck with that. All this would have been cool if i could use it like this when i was roaming and that's when i need my Internet more. But for that i have to pay extra.

So gprs in India is a luxury that you will be paying through your nose for. Unless you know how to use it you will never get you your money's worth.

I have even looked at other mobile carrier they cost even more than bsnl.