iphone will cost you 739$ (32500 Rs) a year

That and some other reasons why it will not take 25% market share and will just be 1% as Steve said. Unless your a mac boy you will agree with most of my arguments and reasons.

1. Iphone could have been unlocked gsm phone.

This would have let all the people who wanted an iphone get one without worrying about carrier and coverage worries. Many of the stuff Steve showed used wifi and not the network so that shouldn't be a problem. If you tell me that cingular gives the voices mail feature, many of us would more than happily bought the iphone without that feature as an unlocked phone.

2. Price is atleast $200 over what I would have liked.

Everyone was so up in arms about a ps3 for its pricing, why not iphone. Similarly like the ps3, iphone is nothing without the coverage and i think it will be crippled unless you get it activated with your cingular account. if you just go for the basic package which is said to cost 20$ (880 Rs) you will end up paying 739$ (32516 Rs)and that without the talktime included. 200$ less and more people would have been willing to buy it.

3.Mac Users will get most out of it, that's only 3% of them

I know there will a program in future that will also help user with windows sync with iphone. But serious how cool would it have been if you did online syncing. You already have Google and yahoo as partners. They could have made their online calendars, mail, etc sync with iphone's. Even your .mac could have been used rather than relying on mac (that's only 3% of the market). It would have been such a big selling point for so many people because they are tired of keeping everything in sync. Iphone could have been the best thing yet for them. So you loose another opportunity.

All these problems can be fixed but something says they will not fix it. For example it takes a few change to make the phone unlocked and gms. Second one about the price this could be brought down with making the memory less by putting memory card slot or even releasing a third version which just 2Gb memory. The final one is just a firmware update and few conference call away. Apple the 25% is yours for the taking but i know you will not step and take that.