Is this the laziest program or what

The program is called stroke it. what does it do its a mouse gesture program. If you don't know what mouse gestures are they are commands that you can give with your mouse.

For example you want to close a window. Rather than click the red "x" on top of the window you just write a "c" holding your right mouse button. You can also assign different letters to different programs. for example if you write a "w" Internet explorer will open. Its really nice program and the laziest one at that. If you want to copy something just select the text and hold the right mouse button and draw a line upwards and its copied now go to where you want to paste and hold the mouse button and draw a upward line. And the text is pasted there.

Its really neat program if you copy and paste a lot or its cool for instant message too. you don't have to go and close all the small windows just write "c" and them and they are gone.

If you know how to use it, you will love this program and boy is it the laziest program. but I love it. try it here