Kevin Rose, I predicted better than you about iphone

I posted my article on September 27, 2006. Here are some of predictions i got right. Even though i was not trying to guess the iphone features. I was just trying to think what my ultimate mobile would have or what feature Steve would like to have."The screen will be touch sensitive and motion sensitive. For motion sensitivity the phone has gyroscopes inside so that it can detect motion of the mobile in your hand. This is used for games and some other interesting features. For example you can view a maps by just tilting your mobile rather than scrolling."Look at this its like i almost got a preview of this feature. i got it so right.It has a music player similar to itunes and a photo managing system similar to iphotos. The music player will be similar to itunes and has a full screen option. You can sync all the multimedia on your system on to your iphone so all the above prediction are right and you can to use the entire screen for itunes too.Now comes the actual phone feature it has all the regular feature and it has the capacity to switch between voip when the wifi Internet connections are available. This is also right steve said it will detect the wifi and automatically switch to wifi when available.It has browser similar to your computer browser, which can convert all the sites on the fly to look good on your phone. You can choose to see the actual site or the converted sites. It has all the security features etc so that you can do banking etc. Safari browser basically gives you all these features of a PC browser. And i was right there too.And it costs 25000 Rs after taxes. I even got the price right i guessed 568 $ which is between two prices steve mentioned.These are the things i got right even though i wasn't predicting i got so many of them right you can read that article here. many more of them will also come true as iphone gets more and more popular. A GPS module is possible when release time comes around.I have to give steve to some credit for nailing so many of my ultimate geek phone features right.