The last few week has been busy, I was on CNN Larry king

Yes that's true I was on CNN Larry King as the best blogger for year 2006. See the picture i know you will not believe it. But that was true i was voted the best. So if you want to be in the loop start reading this blog regularly.on cnnBy the way forgot to tell you, you can also get on Larry king and put a photo like this by going here.I have also been getting some interesting fan mail too, take a look at this guy he is such a big fan of mine that he went and wrote my name in his coffee cup. What a fan.lady fanYou too can do this go here to learn how.I am also good with the ladies i am guessing, because i got this picture from a lady fan. She is pretty hard core. Thank you fans for all the love and affection, hopefully i can keep doing this for many days to fanHere is where to get tattoo like thisYou can do many more things like this by going here.