This is why I love Australian cricket team more than my own

They won the ashes 5-0, that's rewriting history of 85 years. Where as India struggles to win the series that was theirs for the taking. i am writing this after seeing them make another record of scoring the most run in a innings in a twenty 20 game. Which was 221. Go here to see the scorecard.ashes20061The ashes was really fun to see as an Australian fan, every single member of the team performed when they were needed. Even though many legend in the team are retiring there are good players replacing them. Here are some of the comments and ramblings that made this ashes interesting. Most of the comments were from is the best way to explain how this years ashes went "At Brisbane, they were remorseless. At Adelaide, they were first dogged, then ruthless. Today, the Australians were first determined, then majestic. England’s management have made many blunders in this series, but today wasn’t about the losing side. It was about the winners. This is the way Test matches should be won."ashes20062England fan after the 5-0 whitewash "John Donnelly has lost it. "That was amazing," he says. "Pietersen going third ball has made me genuinely happy. As if all the pain, the lack of sleep, the humiliation, frustration, longing, anger, regret, bitterness, churlishness, and fear engendered by the last couple of months has vanished in one beautiful edge. I want to have a party. I want to kiss you all. I feel euphoric and free and weightless and joyous. I feel 17 again. It's my first kiss, my first sunset, my first steps rolled into one. Is anyone else feeling like this? I don't understand it but it has changed my life. Any Australians out there I pity you, because you will never experience the true euphoria of one who has hit rock bottom discovering that bottom is merely a door to another purer world. I am zen. I am cricket. I am the ball. I am love.""Now, all they can say is that the pitch is showing signs of still being lively, the Aussie bowlers will take heart from this. Why don't they just say we're rubbish and can't bat or bowl?"After symonds 150 knock. "Final ball: thrashed down the ground for a one-bounce four. This is thoroughly depressing. "Boycott said he'd eat his hat if Symonds got 50," observes Sunil. "Wonder what's on the menu now? His granny's apron?"