Did you know National games are happening in India now

To write this post I went to some of the sites to see if there was any news on the main Indian portals about national games no luck, so I went to the all hyping news channels and even there no luck. So i had to search for the news on Google and you know if there is some info online you will be getting it there.  So i found a few stories there.

I really wonder how the sports athletes motivate themselves to go and perform when most of the Indians don't even care about what is happening at the games. They are also part to blame for it. The lack of celebrities or personalities in the sports fields has a big deal to do with this. Hopefully someday someone like sania or rathore will come into other sports and get it some much needed coverage.

Until them keep watching the latest debates about who was picked for cricket world cup and why someone was not and how Indian has the best ever chance to win the world cup etc. When we all very well know that indian winning any sort of cup outside India is a big no no.