Dish TV Adult Channel package is a scam

The dish TV adult channel package is scam.

Don't fall for it, for the last two weeks I have been getting emails from dishtv or someone that claims to be them, the emails looked like they came from dishtv with logo and color scheme etc. The offered adult channels for a fee, but wanted the payment through pay pal and not d.d or credit card. That's what made me suspious. So i went to the site that was mentioned in the email. its which is registered to someone in Delhi so i contacted the dish TV customer service and got this response "they have no plans of offering any such service in India and infact it would be illegal to do so. So please be aware don't fall for this scam.

Since many people come to this blog to read about the dish TV review i thought i should mention this.

Have you guys seen the new thing they have added on dishtv, now you can see all the movie channels at once on screen for example i don't have to go to each channel to see what movie is playing. i just select the active service and select the movie link and i can see all the six channels at once on TV and from their select which channel i want. Its a cool feature.

And a small rant about tatasky, have you seen the ads they are promoting the educational feature of their dish service rather than the TV features which i think is lame. They will get some people with the educational feature but it will also put some people off. After seeing their first ad's of televisions and DVD players being thrown away. these ads are really disappointing.