Forget financial software or note taker etc

In this age of many devices and many software's. Which format is the best to rely on. After changing three phone in an year I have come to realize that rather than using an accounting software its better to use excel and rather than using some fancy note takers just use note pad or something that can be copied into notepad.

Most people who buy mobile and PDA's want to be organized and they try all kind of software which are fine. but when you system goes down or you change to a new device all your date is dead on your old device. So what i do is use programs that come installed with the device as much as possible.

I use excel for my finances which is really cool i can copy it on to my computer without much problem or loss of data. And for my notes i use the notepad or some thing similar that allows me to easy copy stuff to notepad.

So if you are like me and want to be organized and don't want to lose stuff just because you want to use a new device then use these formats.

For example i can use excel for finances on my PDA it takes some time to set it up the way i want it, but once that is done i am good to go. Now i can copy the files on to my system and work on it there or put into Google docs for safe keeping and work on there when i am not using my computer. So learn from my mistakes and use as many less programs as possible and try to keep your stuff in well known formats.

rather than using fancy software that will loose all its data when you export it to some other format.

Use something like excel for finances and notepad for notes and save your time and money.