God help God’s own country

I was thinking what if your friend from a foreign country asks you about where in India should he come and settle. What would your answer be, mine read along.

South India has water problems, north india has terrorist problem, and in the middle they are fighting each other.

South india some one predicted that people would fight for drinking water pretty soon. If mother nature gives south india another hot summer this year expect the wars to begin. Unless someone figures out a easy way for all the four states to share water, we are in for a big water war.

In the middle of the india all the major cities, are so burdened with traffic and pollution that I think even God can't help us there.

North india just Kashmir is enough to ruin that part of india, its beautiful and all but how much more blood is needed to protect it and keep it. I am not even going to try to explain the problems in Assam, etc.

Let me put some of the states into categories.

Pollution : Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta even some smaller cities etc. Stand at any road in one of these cities for half hour and check the insides of your nose for the pollution's effect. It would have turned black.

Terrorism: Bihar, Assam, Kashmir. Now even big cities are becoming victims of terrorism. After 9/11 i think no is safe any where. But comparing to other countries Indian police has been better to deal with terrorism.

Violence: Gujarat and where ever two religious communities have big presence. I am afraid of watching news channels because you never know when the new riot starts.

i think the best way to live in india is to keep migrating that way you don't feel the effects of the place on you. By the time you feel the effects you will be moving on.

So stay in south in winter and move on upwards as the seasons progress.