Increase your GPRS speed with this small tip

Just change the DNS server from your mobile provider to the OpenNIC one. It especially works with Indian gprs providers. Mine is BSNL and after using this small tip the speed has dramatically gone up. I even can listen to Internet radio on my phone now. This should work on any mobile the below tip is for windows mobile, but if you dig into the settings of your gprs connection and find the DNS server which will be blank. Just change them as mentioned below and watch your internet speed go up on your mobile.Update

Now using google dns which is much faster DNS and Alt DNS is more about this here

For Windows Mobile Pocket PC- From the Start Menu, select ‘Settings’, then select the ‘Connections’ tab- Select the ‘Connections’ option- Select the first of the two ‘Manage Existing Connections’ options- Highlight your GPRS Internet connection, and click edit- Click ‘Next’- Click ‘Advanced’- Click ‘Servers’- Click ‘Use specific server address’ and enter DNS as ‘', Alt DNS as ‘'. You can leave both WINS settings as ‘' at this stage.- Click ‘OK’- Click ‘Finish’I  forgot the site where I found this trick, i would have happy linked to it if knew what the URL was...