Make easy money in India by Stock market


Don't tell me you don't know what stock market is. To keep it simple its like fantasy cricket, where you select players who you think will play well. If they play well you get good score. Similarly you select companies that you think will do well in future and you buy stock in them which are pieces of the company, if the company does well you stock grows and you make money.

Here is an easy example.

Prasanth industries is a fake company I am using as an example.

Each stock of Prasanth Industries is valued at 20 Rs. You think this company will do good so you buy 100 stocks in the company, Which will be an investment of 2000 Rs. After an year the stock of prasanth industries is at 25 Rs. So now you multiply your 100 stocks at 25 which is 2500 Rs. Because you bought the stock when it was 20 Rs you make 500 Rs on the stock.

See that wasn't that hard to understand was it.

Now you are ready for stock market, but if you are still worried and don't want to put your money, why not play it online and see how much you will make on the fake investments you make.

Then if you think you are confident try the real thing.

To do the fake investments go to yahoo and click on yahoo finances and sign in and once you log in find my portfolio and click to add a new portfolio and give the company names you want to buy the stock of and give also the number of stock etc. And from now on you can track the performances of the company as if you really invested after six months check your progress to see how much money you have made. if you made a profit invest in the real thing if not work on it online.

You can also put the stock portfolio on my yahoo so you can check the profit you have made. Go ahead give it a try. I am good online I made a profit of 2.5 lakhs if only I would have invested the real money, still waiting for the money to invest in offline.

Small tip go for companies that have smaller stock price, that way you make more money, rather than buy 1 share of infosys at 1500 Rs it make sense to buy another small company at 25 Rs for 40 stocks.

Why put you money in bank when you can invest.