Mario and other retro games for 600 Rs on TV

Yes that's true, if you don't have enough money to buy a play station 2 or an xbox 360 here is something you could do.


Now those old TV game consoles are really cheap, you can buy one for 500 Rs and the game cartridges for 40 Rs. Which is really cheap, each cartridge comes with 10 to 20 games, many of them really good ones.


Even if you have an xbox or ps2 you should get one of these so that you can give it to someone younger than you in your family so he doesn't use your ps2 and break it. Atleast that is the way I use it. But every time i set it up for him i end up playing more than him.


How good were those games simple and fun to play. You can play Mario, contra, ninja gaiden, tanks etc.


So go out and buy one of the tv game systems and have fun. By the way don't buy the ones with keyboard and also check if other game cartridges will play in that system before buying.

On Rediff you can get one for Rs. 495

On future bazaar you can get it for Rs 420