My New Geeky Phone, Start drooling please

Yes few days back I bought myself a PDA its a dopod 818pro Pocket PC which has some cool features at a great price of 25000 Rs, it has

2 megapixel camera, wifi, Microsoft windows mobile 5

All this for the price of 25000 Rs. That's a steel when you consider the price you pay for the same feature on  a O2 is atleast 10000 Rs more.

I have been using it for a week or so now and it has replaced my mp3 player and mobile and video player. This pocket PC phone is really cool, i can watch movie clips, listen to mp3 the speaker are not that good but the earphone are really amazing and the sound through them is better than anything i have heard so far. The battery is also good for a day of listening to podcast's for three to four hours and a few videos and one or two phone calls and some net browsing's and notes.

The device is nice and small that it fits well in your hand and the screen and stylus are great. the earphone as i said before and really nice. It sync well with your pc for contacts, notes and task and calendar, it comes with a outlook cd so you can install that and manage this stuff on pc. I have also set it up in a way that it even syncs with my itunes more on that later.

The operating system its windows mobile 5 which is nice and easy to use, it can multi task unlike the palm OS which i have also used. My only complaints are that its really hard to install program and remove programs on the device. You can install but when you remove them they are not removed completely. The other problem is closing programs even when you hit the X on top of the window programs don't close they could have given an option where when you click on x it closes app's, there are other program that provide this option but it should have been in the OS. More or how to get most out of your pocket pc later.

Wifi i have not tired it yet

Camera is really nice it use the full screen as a view finder and the photos are not bad, there is no flash but that fine upclose photos are more than okay

Video i saw video full screen with headphone for an hour and it only took 20% of the battery which means i can watch up to five hours of video before recharge. And the video is also very good looking.

Gprs is slow but that has to do with the lousy bsnl network, Its as slow as using it on a dial up.

If you have this kind of money this is a really cool pocket pc to buy. You need a computer to really use this device well. So don't think of it as a replacement for laptop which its not. Think of it as a device that can do video. play mp3 and browse the web and a phone with camera. You can do all this on a very big screen that is hard to find on a mobile.