Out source your life to India and have fun

I know its completely goes against what I wrote few blogs back. But why struggle in USA when you can outsource your poor life in USA to India for a rich one.

In the article I read about how for $12000 you can barely survive in USA. Then why not come to India and settle here even with all the problems I mentioned few blog post back we are still a country that thinks guns are illegal, alcohol is a taboo and racism doesn't exists.

You don't even need that kind of money to live in India. You can happily and luxuriously leave in india for just $500 a month. For that kind of money every month you will be leaving better than 60% of Indian populations. Some of the cities in India have everything you want and need for your luxurious stay in india.

So why struggle in USA when you can live happily in india for the same amount of money.

If this is not a good reason for Indians to stay here and for the NRI's to return to india I don't know what it will be.

So india is waiting to become your next home. By the way our visa process are also a bit less stringent.