Poruki Tamil Movie review


You will enjoy this movie if you leave your brain outside the theatre. It really is a fun and entertaining film. I went with my family which was really a bad idea. Some of the things in the movie you really don't want to watch with your family beside you. Still it was fun I was whistling and shouting and cheering. There is nothing to take away from the movie other the fun part, may be sometimes that's what you need. The biggest cheer in the theater was not for the hero Vijay but for Prakash Raj who plays a likeable bad guy in the movie. There are some super scenes with prakash raj acting as he always does only him no hero around that tells something about his stature in the Tamil film industry. The comedy is also fun to watch, you have to give some credit to the comedian for putting up with all that. All in a fun movie to watch with your friends.

Oh if you still want to know the story its about a rowdy and how is trying to change the city, I am not giving out the details because its not that fun if you know everything.

The heroine Hassin has really gone over board with vulgarity in this, just watch the first scene and you will know what I am talking about, or the scene about learning to whistle etc.

Go watch it for some nice comedy and some nice acting and some entertainment.