Things you need to know about Dopod 818pro

Here is something you should know if you have this device or in general, don't go by the manual. i had a problem with my device so i had to hard reset the device which is like formatting and starting new in windows.

I followed the instructions in the manual and it was not working so i went and searhed on the net and found that someone else also had same problem so he contact the tech guys they to told him the same thing in the manual but after that he went to a technician and found the real way to hard reset. When i tried it, it worked perfectly and now pocket pc running perfectly. This was the only glitch other than that i am one happy geek here.

Do this to Hard Reset your Dopod 818pro

1. Press POWER button to off unit (if unit is ON)
2. Press CAMERA and COMM buttons simultaneously
3. While holding down CAMERA and COMM buttons, use stylus to poke the RESET button at bottom of unit.
4. Release pressing of the RESET button, and continue to hold on to CAMERA and COMM buttons until message appear on the screen asking you to press the SEND (green phone button) to continue.

If only the manual provides proper and careful instruction, it would have saved many of us wasted time!! Quite disappointed with Dopod support in this aspect; long wait for their tech support line, plus incorrect guided instructions!! I wonder how they would handle more serious problems than this?

Written by Peter"