Vista launch in India, our media finds Chess game exciting.


Vista is here and will you be upgrading. At least I am not, all the news and reviews that i have heard is that its hard to upgrade or you will not get much with the system you have etc. So i will upgrade when i buy a new laptop with vista installed. Even if you have the latest hardware on your PC VISTA will not perform well unless you have a very good gaming rig. Even then some feature will not work, so the easiest option is to buy a new PC rather than upgrade. Indian media doesn't get technology if you don't believe me then watch this screen grab from the TV of headlines today's coverage of vista launch in india. Yes vista has chess with real 3d pieces. That is pathetic, there are so many better things to report about the operating system. Just black look is enough for me to upgrade.

Have anyone noticed this, Vista is going more and more towards black and apple is going more and more towards white.